Ladies Day Glastonbudget 2015

Totally Tina Ladies Day Glastonbudget 2015
Totally Tina Ladies Day Glastonbudget 2015

Ladies Day Glastonbudget 2015

Let’s Here It For The Girls!

Saturday 23 May will be Ladies Day Glastonbudget 2015, a chance to celebrate the music from some of the most famous female artists ever. Fantastic hits by legends like Tina Turner Blondie, Roxette & Katy Perry will get the party into full swing.

Women rule the world..!

Female artisits have never been a stronger force in music than they are today. The pop charts have never seen such an era where female artists make up the top 5 weekly downloads on a regular basis but the Taylor Swift’s, Beyonce’s and Lady Gaga’s of this world would not be around without the pioneers such as, the sultry soul of Tina Turner. Glastonbudget felt it high time we celebrate the girls that take up so much of our radio airtime and playlists. Time to get out the gladrags and handbags and strut your stuff ladies!

Girls just want to have fun..!

The female pop revolution reflects a changing culture of female empowerment and confidence. Over the last five decades female artists have brought energy and excitement to popular music, consistently reinventing themselves and the genre with new looks, sounds and meanings. What makes a pop star truly brilliant for you? Is it a distinctive voice like Tina, the ability to lead from the front like Blondie – or a mixture of all of these things? Whatever it may be, the Glastonbudget Ladies Day will simply be the best!


Ladies Day Glastonbudget 2015

Dress You Up..!

There is no formal dress code planned but we know that ladies like to get dressed-up for an occasion so anything goes for the Glastonbudget Ladies day. We know the boys won’t want to be left out so once again the Loros shop will be on hand with a great range of wedding dresses, frocks and dresses to accommodate the lads who want to get into the Ladies Day spirit.

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