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**NEW FOR 2023**

240v Hookups – Book yours now

You can now pre book a 240v supply for your Caravan or Motohome in the main caravan campsite, there will be an additional cost of £75 per per hookup supplied, to book yours now CLICK HERE and add the upgrade to your cart. A Caravan/Motorhome ticket is also required. 

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Full price Campervan / Caravan tickets cost £80.00 and the plot size is 6m x 8m, tickets are sent out with your festival tickets. You can buy them from here

Click here to view the Terms and Conditions before you purchase your caravan/campervan pass.


Each person camping in this area must have already purchased a weekend festival ticket. Campervan/caravan tickets must be purchased before you arrive to allow access into the campervan/caravan fields.

Vehicles will only be allowed in the fields if they have living accommodation with fitted sleeping facilities and either fitted cooking or washing facilities.

Caravans, Winnebago’s, Trailer tents and Campervans will only be admitted along with their towing vehicle. This field is the only area where ticket holders can sleep in vehicles; patrons are not permitted to sleep in the car parks in their vehicles.

We will endeavour to send out campervan passes with your festival tickets however sometimes they may arrive separately particularly if they were purchased in a separate transaction or on separate dates.

Please search or have a look at the FAQs. We think we have it all covered here, but anything you cant see then use the form to get in touch 🙂

Click here to view the Terms and Conditions before you purchase your caravan/campervan pass.

Search the FAQs

Use the form below to search the FAQs

Do I need to buy a separate ticket to bring my Campervan, Caravan or Motorhome?

Yes. You will need to purchase a separate Campervan/Caravan pass to allow you to bring your Caravan, Campervan or Motorhome to the festival. The passes are available are for a 6m x 8m pitch and can be purchased from the ticket page here. You can buy them when you buy your festival tickets or add them to an existing purchase with your booking reference number.

Do all the people camping with us need a festival ticket?

Yes. No one will be allowed into the Campervan/Caravan area without a Festival ticket.

Can I park my campervan/ caravan in the main car park?

Yes but you are not permitted to sleep in your vehicle or caravan in this area, our security and stewarding teams always monitor this.

Can I bring my dog/pet and leave it in my caravan?

No, strictly no animals are permitted in any of the campsites or within the arenas. Searches will be in operation of all vehicles before they are allowed to enter.

Can I bring my own drinks with me?

Yes but NO glass bottles are to be brought in to the festival site. Any glass found may be confiscated. Persons bringing their own reasonable quantity of alcoholic drinks may consume these in the camping areas. No alcohol can be taken into the arena area.

How close is the campervan/caravan area to the main arena?

It is about a 5 or 10 minute walk to the arena entrance depending on where your pitch is. A festival map is available HERE.

Can I put up an awning next to my caravan?

Yes you can put up an awning provided that you do not go outside your allocated plot boundary (6m x 8m). It is advisable to check the size of your vehicles including any awnings or tents prior to arrival.

Do you allow Winnebago’s or large caravans?

Yes but you should check the length of your vehicle and if it exceeds 8 meters you will have to purchase another pitch to cover the extra space needed.

Are trailer tents allowed in the campervan/caravan area?

Yes so long as it is a purpose built trailer tent.

Can I pitch a tent next to my campervan/caravan?

Yes a small tent is allowed pitched next to your Caravan/Campervan provided there is enough space and you do not go outside your pitch area or encroach the fire lanes.

Can I leave my car next to my Caravan?

Yes, there is space for one car (the towing vehicle) to be parked beside the caravan provided you dont exeed the pitch boundaries (6mx8m). Any other member of your group arriving separately by car will need park in the main car park.

What day can we arrive and when do we have to leave?

The earliest time you can arrive is Friday . The camping facilities are not open to the public until 12pm. You will need to vacate the area by 2pm on Monday.

I have not received my caravan/campervan pass yet. What should I do?

Passes are not posted until early May so you should receive yours by the middle of May. If you haven’t received your pass by one week before the festival opens you should CONTACT US HERE filling out the the tickets section and detailing the issue is the message box.

When will I receive my campervan/caravan pass?

Passes will be send out with your festival tickets however sometimes they may arrive separately particularly if they were purchased in a separate transaction or on separate dates.

Which entrance do we have to go through to gain access to the campervan/caravan camping?

Please use the campervan and caravan entrance to access the festival site, this will be clearly signposted. Please ensure your pass is displayed in the windscreen of your vehicle or vehicle accompanying your caravan before you enter the site. Every Caravan or Campervan must have a Campervan ticket displayed and each person within the vehicle must have a valid Weekend Festival ticket.

Do you hire out campervan/caravans?

No, but you are welcome to rent one yourself if you like.

Can I bring a generator?

No, unfortunately you will not be allowed to bring your own generator.

Is there any electrical hook ups?

No, there are no facilities for electrical hook ups.

Are there any additional facilities provided for campervan/caravans?

In addition to water and toilets there are waste water disposal points, or ‘Elson’ points situated around the parameter fencing.

What will happen if my vehicle is considered not suitable?

Your vehicle will be refused entry to the campervan/caravan area. If you still want to gain access to the festival you will asked to park your vehicle in the main car park and will have to make alternative sleeping arrangements. It is not permitted to sleep in your vehicle in the main car parks, whether suitable or not, security and stewards always monitor this.

What vehicles are allowed to be used for camping in the campervan/caravan area?

Only purpose built or converted vehicles with fitted sleeping, cooking and or washing facilities will be allowed to enter the campervan fields. Security and stewarding will be checking each vehicle as it arrives. Strictly no other vehicles will be allowed into this area.

Can I purchase a caravan pass on arrival?

No. Passes have to be purchased in advance.

Can I reserve a particular pitch?

No, pitches are allocated on arrival on a first come first served basis.


For more detailed information please see THIS PAGE.

Can I take a caravan into the VIP area?

Yes! You are able to take a caravan into the VIP area, provided you have purchased a VIP caravan/motorhome pitch from the tickets page. Please check the availablity as these tickets are very limited

Can the 240v hookup be supplied to the disabled area of the campervan field?

Yes it can, but you would need to get in touch using the contact form on the contacts page HERE, please fill out the Tickets form section

Can individual plots for the Hookup section be reserved?

No, no individual or specific plots can be reserved in this area, individual plots are still allocated on arrival but to suppply the hookup they will be in the designated area as detailed on the map.

Should you have any further questions, please use the contact form HERE: Contact Us