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Formed in early 2017, We Be Beasts are a fuzzy four-piece consisting of school friends Nick Brooker, Dan Wright, Matt Jones and his younger brother Chris Jones.

If you’re familiar with Leicester’s local scene, it’s likely that you’ve seen one of the lads performing somewhere in the past. Following the demise of previous projects, the boys decided to head to the practice room together this time.

The band take a relaxed approach to music while comfortably wearing their influences firmly on their collective sleeve. Each member brings something different to the band, whether it’s big riffs, tight rhythm and grooves, or more traditional rock ‘n’ roll sleaze.

Finding time where they can, We Be Beasts are focusing on playing more live shows, recording their current material and building a loyal fanbase. The boys are ecstatic to be returning to Glastonbudget 2019 after having so much fun last year.


They play on the IcOn Stage

Published at 08:00 26/02/2019 by Ellen