The New Midrod Ends


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The New Midrod Ends. 1967, in the depths of Clarks shoe factory in Glastonbury, four teens got together and formed The Midrod Ends. They were to become one of the most popular bands in the South West. Going on to play the club circuit in London and in Spain. They were backing band for the sixties singer Billie Davies.

All went their separate ways in 1971 until 2009 when some of the original members reunited in their stomping ground. Glastonbury Town Hall. It was as if they’d never stopped playing.

Now a 10 piece, they have only one original member left but the name had to stay. So the New Midrod Ends emerged.  Their ethos is that wherever they play. They want people to have fun and will put a ‘Midrod Twist’ on pretty much any genre.

With the rhythm section cooking up a storm and the brass section adding to the fire. The vocals sparkle their way through songs ranging from “Disco Inferno’” to “Uptown Funk”. Always bringing the party vibe wherever they play.




They are proud to play on the LoCo stage at Glastonbudget 2019 and are one of our Band of the Year Finalists so be sure to catch them !

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