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The Colour Six


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The Colour Six are not your typical covers band! Mashups galore and many well known songs played in different styles sets the band aside from most others. The stage presence and energy from each member captivates the crowd.

John, the lead vocalist, has a fine vocal range and differentiating style accompanied with audience participation. Loz, the guitarist and second vocalist, compliments John when singing backing vocals and then bursts into life on the songs he sings lead. His guitar playing is adaptive to every style of music. Russ is the drummer, despite being at the back he is a focal point of the band. His energy never seems to waiver and his playing style expands the songs to a huge degree. Ben is the bassist, he too has an adaptive style to really bring out the best in each and every song, and he loves to groove!



They are proud to play on the Main Stage at Glastonbudget 2019


The Colour Six are one of our band of the Year Finalists! Be sure to check them out!




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