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Kaway draw inspiration from the deepest bounds and the boundaries of rock, bonding obvious with the inexplicable. Resulting in a unique music mix with both strong guitars and harmony spaces. The different and long musical journeys that each one of us has gone through have led us to a place where everything goes together in common.

Against the grain of logic spending the time bending sounds to reshape them into majestic shape and deliver it to the people

Kaway are a Rock / Hard rock band formed in Leicester Since November 2016. Five guys with different backgrounds decided to create a music. Experiences, influences and passion joined up together creating uncategorized wave of energy

  K    Krzychu (Yogi)            – guitar

A    Adam                         – drums

W    Wojtek                         – bass

  A    Artur (Koshi)              – vocal

  Y    Jarek                   keys/guitar

They play on the IcOn Stage





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