Big Top (main stage 2)


G and the Soundtribe


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Once upon a time, in the marshlands of the midlands, there once lived a ‘thing’ people named ‘peace and tranquility’. This ‘thing’, didn’t last long. G and the Soundtribe overwhelming hordes of everyday folk became restless and foul swoops of torment bewitched the land.

The band that held people together had broken. Somewhere, someone had to fix that.

From the depths of creative improvisation arose a group of quirky characters. A dysfunctional family people began to call ‘G & The Sound Tribe’.

Their caring mother G-String kept the troops fed and ready for warfare, the creative child ‘Zach The Funk Turtle’ armed the warriors with weapons of mass destruction, the cosmic nephew ‘The Locksmith’ bound the remains of a ruptured cosmos into forms of great satisfaction, the wise grandad ‘Reduced Waffles’ enabled the dis-able with knowledge and power, the irritable teenager ‘Normzilla’ bargained and haggled for deals and desires and the suave uncle ‘P.Nix’ assured the flow of evolution abided our blueprints.

They brought people together, armed them with powerful knowledge, fixed the band that connected humanity.

G and the Soundtribe are a Band of the Year Finalist! Make sure you check them out!

G And The Soundtribe play the BigTop



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