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Ekkyl Jones



Formed in March of this year, when 60s mad lad Sam Stone bumped into multi-genrelist Ekkyl Jones at an open mic in Piccadilly. After half an hour pretending they were both cooler than they actually are , numbers were awkwardly exchanged and two weeks later the pair were performing to a couple hundred people in Soho ; supporting Dishy Tangent. 

Whilst ‘The Ekkyl Jones Band’ are still raw and in the process of blending their sound together – the result is bold , explosive , unpredictable and above all ; different from the rest. With the new addition of Liam Parker on drums – The Ekkyl Jones Band will have a whole new dynamic , backing an already exiting sound with the versatile and ‘jam’ packed beats that come from Liam’s palms every time he steps on stage! 


Glastonbudget will be the first time the trio have performed on a festival stage together so get ready for some magic – you won’t want to miss this! 

Published at 11:36 16/05/2019 by Ellen