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The Ded Hot Chili Peppers are the UK’s number one tribute to the best rock / funk band in the world. The infectious mix of rock / funk is what has made the Red Hot Chili Peppers one of the world’s most popular bands over the last two decades.

The Ded Hot Chili Peppers (DHCP) stage show is a scintillating full-on performance echoing the true essence and mood of the original band from Anthony’s famed on-stage acrobatics to Flea’s out and out lunacy.

Authenticity is also important to the DHCP’s..from tattoos to skeleton costumes(as seen on “live at Slane castle DVD) to haircuts, clothes

and even the onstage banter that the RHCP’s are famous for!

Each member of the DHCP is an accomplished musician each of whom have been working professionally for many years.

Fray (Anthony Keidis)         Vocals

Pete (Flea)                          Bass and Vocals

Chris(John Fruscianti)         Guitar and Vocals

Adam(Chad Smith)            Drums


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Fray is also a solo artist in his own name and is soon to release his debut solo album.

Adam is a highly respected drummer who not only has a monthly column in rhythym magazine but has also drummed for shows like “we will rock you” and gigged with bands playing venues such as the albert hall and so on..

 Pete has many sessions to his name alongside members of world party, the Waterboys and others.

 Chris has also played on a number of sessions and tours including mint royale(faithless support tour) and so on..

The setlist is based heavily around the recent 6 million selling greatest hits cd and well known classic chili’s crowd pleasers

Songs include:

By the way

Zephyr song

Under the bridge

Universally speaking


Around the world

Give it away

Higher ground

Scar tissue


Fortune faded

Other side

Cant stop

Suck my kiss

Suck my kiss


If you have to ask

Love rollercoaster

Lovely Man

If you have to ask



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