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The Darkside of Pink Floyd (DSOPF) has come a long way since a new years eve party in 2007 when the members recreated the classic Pink Floyd album The Dark Side of the Moon (DSOM).

From a music perspective the band focuses on replicating the best live versions of Floyd’s more modern works centred around the Pulse tour of 1993 and supplemented by other classic live performances such as the version of Echoes from Gilmour and Wrights 2006 ‘Remember that Night’ performance at the Albert Hall.

The set now comprises of over 2 and 1/2 hours of Pink Floyd music which can be cut and tailored to any event or venue.
The Darkside of Pink Floyd is not centred around the usual formula of 2 keyboard players, 2 guitarists a bevy of lady backing vocalists, a percussionist and/or a lead vocalist but they have tried, successfully, to keep to a basic 4-piece ensemble of guitarist, keyboard player, bassist and drummer with the addition of 2 exceptional narrative/vocalists and a seasoned saxophonist. This has urged reviewers/bloggers to acclaim the band as being authentic, original, emotive, fabulous, powerful and able to craft an intimate relationship with the audience to create an unforgettable live show.

Darkside Of Pink Floyd play on the BigTop, to see the rest of the lineup Click HERE






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